So you are auditioning for Little Shop of Horrors!  Awesome! 

Nervous?  That's Ok.  Here are some helpful tips for your audition!  

Take the time you need to prepare.
  Once you have your piece of script and music, take some time to get familiar with the part.  We like to see that you have thought about the character, and how they would behave if they were speaking the lines you have. We want to know that you have the ability to actually act. We want to see that you thought about your character, and that you can do something with the part.

Recommended Sheet music sites:
*you can purchase individual songs and a downloadable accompaniment to rehearse.

Ideas for  Monolog sites:

Day of Audition:
Arrive early
.  Be at the audition spot well ahead of your appointed time to fill out any information and to relax before you go in.

Always bring a picture and resume. This is critical. It is the thing you leave behind after your audition. You’re the one that won’t be remembered if you don’t have one.  It’s like a pair of shoes.  You wouldn’t leave home without shoes, would you?

  • Headshot should be head or head/shoulder picture in color or black and white. It should be printed on high quality or photo paper. Your name, email and phone should be in the header or footer of the page.
  • Let us know where to find you.  Your name, phone and email should be on both sides, even if you have an agent, put an email address and phone number where you can be reached directly on your resume and headshot. 

Be the 3 Cs.  Be comfortable, charismatic and confident.  Actors have to command attention.  Be someone that we want to get to know.  If you can do that as yourself in your audition, I know you’ll also be able to do that in the show. 

Don’t make excuses and don’t apologize:  We don’t want to hear that you have a cold, or that you have bed-head, or that your printer is broken.   (See above) Own the room when you walk in. Enter confidently, smile and give your music to the pianist. You have 5-10 seconds to relay any information (cuts/ tempo etc..) to them before jumping into your audition.

Make your Introduction count.   Hello. My name is _____.  I will be singing _____ from _____.  My monolog is ______ from _____ by ______.  (Hello my name is Jen Matthews. I will be singing “It’s You” from the Music Man by Meredith Wilson. I will be performing Ruth’s final monolog from A.R. Gurney’s, “The Dining Room.”)

Slow down and enunciate every word. One sure sign of nervousness is speeding through the lines.  When you talk too fast it is harder to make sure each word is understood, and the emotion that should accompany those words does not come through.  Slow down and make sure you say each word clearly. .

 If you make a mistake, battle though it. Don’t start over.   One of the things we are looking for is poise.  We want to know how you will react when things don’t go as rehearsed.  If you fall apart during an audition, it doesn’t give the director much confidence that you will react well on the nights of the show. If you do make a mistake, don’t apologize.  Don’t ask to start over.  Just pick up from where the mistake was made and push forward.

Exit with graciousness. Say Thank you and leave promptly.   Did I mention say Thank you!   If the director wants to see something else he or she may stop you before you leave the room to ask a question.  When you have completed that say “Thank you” and leave.   You can get any final instructions from the audition assistant after you exit.

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We look forward to seeing you at auditions! Break a leg!