The Black Box Theatre at Edmonds Community College and UP North Players partner with Unexepected Productions for the return of The Tribe Has Spoken.  Now in its fifth season, the improv competition based on the hit reality TV show Survivor, is ultimate game of Skill and Wit.  The Tribe Has Spoken returns for its Fifth season at the Black Box Theatre at Edmonds Community College.  This season is all about New Beginnings: fresh faces, gritty games, and captivating competition. Players tackle audience inspired challenges leading to cut throat tribal council. Who will be eliminated? and Who will be the ultimate impro-vivor?

Introducing Season 5's Hosts and Cast!

Hosted by Olivia Sommers (Season 2 winner) and Oliver Bay (Season 4 winner). 

Cast includes: Richard Templeman, Ruth Prudence, PJ Weisberg, Riese Meyers, Rupa Dalal Gadre, Liya Djamilova, Anna Burke, Jesse Warren

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