Love Improv Comedy? Huge fan of UP North Players?

Need entertainment for your next event? HIRE US!

UP North Players has two touring improv shows, Roll of the Dice and Touchdown! 

Players prepare to perform Roll of the Dice for an excited audience. 

Luck determines the story in UP North’s unique new Improv show “Roll of the Dice”.  Players will create captivating stories inspired by dice that have your suggestions written on them. “Roll of the Dice”, inspired by Madlibs, is a crazy ride into the unknown full of twists thrown with the almighty D-20 die!  See what kooky, crazy, story the dice and the audience create every week.

TOUCHDOWN! is a variation of our Slam Dunk improv show with all your favorite

improv games and comedy! 

Touchdown is a competitive improv competition, where teams try to match each other's best shot, all for audience approval. 

Our fee for our touring shows ranges from $225-375 depending on number of players and distance of travel. For more information please email us at or call us at 425.640.1448